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The Justine’s Porn Dialogues

We get about one email a month letting us know that our website (justines1937.com) is porn—————-and we usually don’t reply (see Instagram @justinesbrasserie) since, as @larscrooks wisely noted: “It’s great when problem customers self-regulate.” Or, as @designbuildadventure said, “Your website works!” But this particular writer demanded a RESPONSE. (She also likes to capitalize the word […]

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Learning What You Can Take Into Prison and What You Can Take Out

Last week, I was so lucky and happy to be a witness at the Truth Be Told Talk to Me graduation at the MTC Lockhart Correctional Center. This was my introduction to Truth Be Told (TBT)—looking at Katie Ford’s website one day, I read about the TBT program and wanted to know more. The potential […]

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